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Maryland Appellate Litigation

Cases do not always go the way you expect or hope. When you receive a judgment that you believe to be made in error, you have the right to file an appeal with the appellate court in Maryland. Karen D. Amos has extensive experience as an appellate lawyer and can help you put together an effective case.

How the Appellate Court Works

There are two levels of appeals courts in Maryland: the Court of Appeals (intermediate appellate court) and the Supreme Court of Maryland (the highest court). The purpose of an appeal is to ensure the trial court did not make a legal error throughout the trial process.  In a successful appeal, the appellate judges may reverse the trial court decision. Appeals may also result in a partial or entirely new trial.

The Amos Perrick Law team takes pride in our devotion to understanding your needs and objectives. Our Family Law Attorneys have a proven track record of advocating our clients’ rights during all phases of the appeals process. We have experience with appellate litigation and our Maryland lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of the Maryland Court of Appeals. Let us help you!