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Maryland Collaborative Law Attorney

Collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is not mediation and it is not settlement negotiations. By agreeing to this process, the divorcing couple and their collaborative team enters into a collaborative participation agreement, which requires full transparency and keeping the matter out of Court. Nothing discussed during the collaborative process can be used in Court.  In this process, the couple utilizes a team of collaboratively trained professionals (i.e. collaboratively trained attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals, etc.) to reach a resolution.  At a minimum, each party has their own collaboratively trained attorney, and there is at least one mental health counselor guiding the meetings. The collaborative process not only seeks to help divorcing couples address all of the issues in their case, but also helps the couple manage the emotions arising out of the dissolution of their marriage.

The Amos Perrick Law team takes pride in our devotion to understanding your needs and objectives. Our Howard County Family Law Attorneys have a proven track record of advocating our clients’ rights during all phases of the divorce process, negotiations, and court appearances. We have experience with collaborative law and our Howard County lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of the Maryland Family Courts. Let us help you!