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History of Fulton, MD

History of Fulton, MD

The history behind the name for our small but city-like community goes back centuries to when German immigrants settled here at the turn of the 18th century because they liked its location on land that sloped upward from both sides making it easy for them to build houses close together without disturbing one another.

The original settlement was called “Fultone.” Over time the name evolved to Fulton, which eventually became an incorporated town in 1959.

When was Fulton, MD founded?

Fulton, Maryland is a town with a rich history. Originally settled in the 18th century by German immigrants, it was named for Robert Fulton. In the early 1900s, there were many industries such as wheat mills and sawmills that made Fulton an important economic center of Western Howard County until after World War II when these jobs disappeared. With time, however, this town has become more diverse and residents are still proud to be called “Fultons.”

Population Growth & More

Today Fulton is a suburb of Baltimore. The population was 11,132 in 2006 census with an average household income of $106,000. Residents enjoy the low crime rates as well as major recreational facilities including Devlin Field (a baseball stadium), Southside Park (the only public golf course in Howard County) and Edgerton Park.

It’s said that during Prohibition some of the residents came into a lot of money from bootlegging and used it to build many fine homes along this picturesque rolling countryside thus beginning our reputation as a wealthy community with lovely suburbs.

In 1904 we had a disastrous fire on Main Street which destroyed most businesses except for one or two buildings at either end. But luckily it didn’t last long as quickly new structures replaced those that were lost and life went back to normal without too much disruption.

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