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Tracey is the ultimate professional and she was great to work with for my legal matters. She was efficient, reasonable, and always considered what was best for me (and my wallet). She even had a baby a few weeks prior to my divorce hearing, and still made it a priority to attend and represent me, which I know could not have been easy. I highly recommend working with Tracey.

– Bhavini –

Liz handled my divorce case with the utmost in professionalism, efficiency and kindness. The divorce process can be so stressful and intimidating! However, Liz’s vast knowledge of Maryland law and her preparedness for meetings and court dates continually assured me that I had a highly competent attorney on my side. Liz always responded to my email and phone calls in a timely manner and communicated effectively on my behalf. She kept me informed, listened to my concerns and provided me with honest, knowledgeable and constructive feedback, which helped me to make difficult but smart decisions about my future.

Liz consistently showed respect for me, my values and my time. Her hard work on my case allowed me not only to obtain the divorce outcome that I desired but also to learn valuable life lessons in the process. I highly recommend her!

– Ynez –

I hired Tracey to represent me in a divorce case that involved multiple complicated and stressful factors. Tracey provided wonderful legal guidance and support to me along the way, and ultimately, I got everything that I wanted. I’m so glad that I chose Tracey to help me. She is a very talented lawyer!

– Elizabeth –

My separation case was such a long and winding back and forth negotiation, but Ms. Reinecke was so patient and helpful to explained everything to me. She’s got the best interest for me. Highly recommended!

– Marilyn –

Tracey came recommended to be by another lawyer and I’m so glad I listened! From the very beginning she was upfront, answered all my questions, and made sure I understood what I was getting into. Not once did I feel like she was wasting my money or my time. She was quick to respond to any contact I initiated, even when she was on a well deserved vacation! I can not recommend her enough!

– Carrie –

I was very pleased by Tracey’s knowledge of the law as well as her ability to communicate to the layman’s client the nuances of the law. But what impressed me the most, was her ethical standards. A great lawyer!

– Jorge –

From the onset of my divorce case Elizabeth was professional, reliable, and effective, through to the end. She was able to strike just the right balance with allowing me to chart my own course, yet being able to anticipate a challenge and providing much needed advice in advance. Her attention to detail, thorough explanations, and her organization skills helped to keep my case progressing smoothly, and in a timely manner. I am very pleased with my civil litigation outcome and I would highly recommend Elizabeth to represent you as a family attorney.

– Pat –

From the initial consultation, I knew immediately Tracey had the skill-set, intelligence, experience, and foresight to handle my precarious legal matter. She skillfully maneuvered the best legal approach in maintaining the goodwill and health of the children involved as the key focus throughout every step of the way. A consummate professional with a sensible and realistic outlook along with an efficient and hardworking drive that resulted in exemplary and unparalleled legal counsel.

– Jason –

Tracey is an amazing lawyer and person who not only makes sure your goals are met, she also understands the human side of the things. She puts family first and she is very responsive. She handled my case very professionally and I am glad that I had her on my side.

– Kashif –

After 7 years not living with my wife, we decided to file for divorce. I reached out to Tracey to provide insight/guidance on the whole separation/divorce situation. She was extremely helpful. Tracey helped me understand the process and steps involved – made it very easy. The entire process took less than 5 months. She is very knowledgeable and personable. Thank you for your outstanding support and again making the whole process seamless.

– John –

Tracey has been great to work with thus far. She is polite and attentive. She also is knowledgeable about her area of practice and has made the process easy thus far.

– David –

Even in the most amicable of circumstances, divorce can be an emotionally turbulent experience, riddled with myriad stresses. We hired Liz as our legal counsel. Liz and her team are excellent. Liz worked with me diligently on my divorce case and always kept me abreast on all that was going on. I highly recommend Liz and her team. Thanks again for your work and support.

– Sammy –

Very personable and she explained everything thoroughly and clearly. She understood our needs and met our expectations.

– Melanie –

When I met with [Tracey] for the first time she asked me what my goals were, asked me lots of questions and really listened to what I said. Throughout the divorce process she would remind me of what my goals were and the outcomes I wanted. She had really listened to me and stayed true to what I wanted even when I was thinking emotionally and wanted to veer from the path. She always did whatever she could to keep the costs down and keep us out of court. She was very honest about what was possible and what had a slim chance of winning in court. BUT if I still wanted to do pursue something she would give it 110%. She was always on top of what was due, always on time, very professional. I always felt supported and that she had mine and my child’s best interests as her goal.

– Heather –

Liz is a very competent and knowledgeable Family Lawyer, who pays attention to and focuses on the details. Liz was very helpful in my divorce process, as she always kept me informed on matters, provided me timely feedback and had a good grasp on how the divorce process work, which led to excellent results in my custody hearing.

I still contact Liz for legal advice and guidance when it comes to pending or future litigation related to my child’s custody arrangement.

– Steven –

Tracey Perrick is the absolute GOAT of lawyers! I had a different lawyer before coming to Tracey, and they had gotten me into a pickle, writing a contract that left holes and gaps for the other party to wiggle around (extending the court case for a whole year). Tracey’s professional conduct, dedication, and attention to detail were exactly what I needed to help turn the situation around. She was able to pick up right where the other lawyer had left off, and point out to me what went wrong, what she would’ve done differently, and what we should do moving forward.

– C –

Ms. Perrick helped me traverse the troubling waters of my separation and ultimately, my divorce. No one wants to think of or plan such a thing but it was really reassuring to know she had my back and my interested in mind from the very start. She was able to put a lot of the legalese into layman’s terms and literally went through my agreement step by step to make sure I was aware of what was going on and what the ramifications would be. One of my biggest concerns was custody and care of my young daughter. Ms. Perrick realized this and made sure we were making the right moves and ensuring we’d come to an agreeable outcome. I couldn’t recommend her higher!

– Paul –

Tracey was a godsend during the entire divorce process! During an emotionally charged situation, Tracey always came through to answer my questions the same day, in detail, and without sugar coating the situation. It’s greatly appreciated to have someone who can walk you through the process with reasonable expectations. Tracey was always very responsive and I am extremely grateful that she remembered the intricacies of my case without having to ask each time we met. Fingers crossed I never have to experience this again, but if I do, I would absolutely return to her. Thank you Tracey!

– Joel –

Ms. Reinecke was of great help in my contentious divorce case. Her arguments helped me win a summary dismissal of my ex-spouses motion. In addition I was awarded legal costs due to her efforts, something that is hard to do.

– Paul –

I have solicited Ms. Perrick services on a child support adjustment matter. She was very helpful in all regards, filling the required paperwork, keeping the dialog with the opposing party, promptly informing me of the current status, and finalizing with an acceptable agreement for everybody. Highly recommended. Thank you!

– Christian –

I hired Tracey to help me through a very unusual child custody/support situation. She was my rock throughout the entire tortorous time, constantly providing shrewd insight and confidence to both my husband and me. She helped us come to a resolution with the biological father that was in the best interest of my child, and she kept costs as low as possible by helping us avoid court. If (heaven forbid) I ever need an attorney in the future, Tracey is the one I trust.

– Tiana –

I can’t say enough great things about Tracey Perrick. I hired her to represent me in a child custody case and connected immediately with her. Tracey was diligent, VERY persistent (which is what I needed), and had an incredible work ethic. While she expressed a true empathy for my situation (and my son!) she was NO NONSENSE and passionate about getting the results I wanted. She represented me to the fullest.

It’s also important to note that Tracey was well respected by others in the court at Howard County.

– Kimberly –

If you want the best of the best, you’ve found her. Tracey is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t trust any other lawyer to handle my case.

– Jason G. –

Tracey is the commensurate professional! She is always well prepared, timely, and on top of your case. She also offers the personal attention that is needed during a difficult and emotional time to her clients. With her experience in family law, you are in good hands. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend!

– Jaime –

Tracey is an Absolutely amazing, affordable and professional attorney with such quality and class. If I could give her 10 stars I would. Tracey is full of energy and in your corner when she is on your team. There were times during my divorce proceedings when I just wanted to give up and throw the towel in, but she kept reminding me of the end goal and what we were fighting for. I had never in my life had to hire a lawyer and was extremely nervous as the life changing events that brought Tracey and I together were huge to me. She had a lot to take on when she took my case it was a full on huge divorce; alimony, custody proceedings, child support, retirement benefits the splitting of marital assets, and there was the military career time to consider as well. There was a lot of research and homework for the entire team in my case and Tracey knew that and kept everything tidy and on a timeline. She was amazing with keeping me informed of what needed to be done and how the case looked as we proceeded through the months of litigation. She kept everything affordable as well which as a newly single mom working two jobs was a huge deal for me. I am very fortunate and blessed to have had Tracey in my corner during what seemed like my life’s darkest and most challenging point for me. With all of the weight of everything finally off of my shoulders I am now happily and comfortably living and caring for my new family dynamics and it is all thanks to Tracey and her amazing team.

– Karas –

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